What is a Teacup ?                                                                              Simply put , a teacup is a weight category which means 4 lbs. or less.

   Are teacups common ?                                                         No in fact, if you compare birth numbers and ratios os Teacups to all dogs , Teacup births are less than 1% of all dog births. In fact, the number is substantially less. Teacups, when compared to the general dog population , are very rare-- and the demand far exceeds the supply.

     Have Teacups always existed ?                                                              Yes, it just seems like they are more prevalent today because of all the publicity they have gotten recently. Teacups have been highly publicized because of the exposure they've recieved as a result of thier celebrity owners.

       Why are Teacups so expensive ?                                                                                              They are diffficult to breed, and they requirea lot of extra attention at birth. Since they are so fragile, often weighing 2--4 ounces at birth, they require a lot of care and 24 - hour attention for 2 or 3 weeks. Secondly, since the demand is so high for Teacups, with demand far exceeding supply, the price is higher.

          What are the benefits of owning a Teacup ?                                                                                                       Because of thier small size, Teacupsare extremely portable, making them a great traveling companion for everyday activities like going to the mall or dining out. Another thing to consider is that the airline companies allow Teacups to travel in the main passenger cabin as opposed to bigger dogs that are required to travel in the cargo area. Teacups are great for senior citizens who cannot lift heavy dogs, and they are great for apartment owners because they don't need to go for walks-- an apartment provides all the exercise space they need. They also can be trained to use disposable indoor wee-wee pads easily.   Lastly---- maybe the biggest benefit is that everybody loves puppies, and many dog owners equate Teacup Poodles to having a dog that always remains puppy size.

             What is the life expectancy of a Teacup Poodle ?                                                                                                        Contrary to popular belief, a Teacup Poodle will often live 15 - 20 years, which in many cases is a better life expectancy than bigger dogs.

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